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Bitcoin Converter


This application converts any fraction of Bitcoin to 21 different currencies.The following currencies are supported:*United States Dollar (USD);*Euro (EUR);*Chinese Yuan (CNY);*British Pound Sterling (GBP);*Canadian Dollar (CAD);*Brazilian Real (BRL);*Icelandic Króna (ISK);*Hong Kong Dollar (HKD);*New Taiwan Dollar (TWD);*Swiss Franc (CHF);*Danish Krone (DKK);*Chilean Peso (CLP);*Thai Baht (THB);*Australian Dollar (AUD);*Singapore Dollar (SGD);*South Korean Won (KRW);*Japanese Yen (JPY);*Polish Zloty (PLN);*Swedish Krona (SEK);*New Zealand Dollar (NZD);*Russian Ruble (RUB).
This app only shows the converted value, you can not use it to sell Bitcoins.